Forage Mendocino

Forage Mendocino is an events and education organization emphasizing sustainable, ethical foraging practices on the Mendocino Coast. The name came from the popular Facebook Group. Forage Mendocino is in the process of establishing itself as a Non-Profit Organization (501 C3). Tickets for our inaugural event Forage Mendocino’s First Annual Mushroom Symposium + Forager’s Fair at Little River Inn, 12/8-12/10 are on sale now! The proceeds of this event will go to fund Forage Mendocino as a non-profi

Sam’s Smoked Out BBQ — Word of Mouth Magazine

A Little Taste of Texas on the Mendocino Coast

There’s truth to the saying, “You know the food’s good when the table goes quiet.” Before we had language, we had fire, and once we had fire, we had barbecue. Academics argue over what our first words were, but I can tell you in my bones what I know to be true: they were “Mmm” and “Ahhh” uttered around a fire, through mouthfuls of wood-smoked game-meat. I suspect all other words were born of these two sounds.

Over the last few months, I’ve watched


Mendo Sauna is a portable wood-fired sauna built with salvage old-growth, second growth, and curly redwood into a converted vintage mid-century horse trailer. We service the Mendocino Coast from Westport to Little River, with additional reasonable surcharges for mileage beyond a 20 mile range of Fort Bragg, CA. You book our trailer, we deliver it to your home, vacation rental, or event site, teach you how to operate it, get it fired up, and leave you and your party with enough fuel and know-how

I fell for a trucker and traveled America with him for 9 months

In August 2019, a week shy of my 39th birthday, I climbed into the cab of a semi-truck in San Diego with a man I’d met just two months before. We were bound for Austin, Texas, and technically, this was our fourth date.

Now, I’m as big of a fan of “not getting murdered” as the next girl, and I’ll be the first to admit that the premise of going on a blind date with a long haul trucker I met online absolutely sounded like an episode of "Unsolved Mysteries" waiting to happen. But as I watched Brand

Abbracadabra: The Life Transforming Magic of Triangle Tattoo and Museum

For thirty-two years Mr. G and Madame Chinchilla have been welcoming travelers into Triangle Tattoo and Museum (356 North Main Street, Fort Bragg, California) as though they were good friends they simply hadn’t met yet. One of a handful of museums in the world dedicated to the history of tattoo, “Ours isn’t the biggest collection, but we share with others what we’ve learned, and what we have,” says Mr. G. The two became tattooists in the early 1980s, when it was still considered the territory of misfits and outlaws. In their dedication to their craft, they have become curators and authors. The two are a pair of hands—holding back the veil into the mystical and taboo world of tattoo, shining the lantern on the greats who have come before them, and illuminating the way for a new generation of tattooists and initiates into what Mr. G reckons is “perhaps the oldest ritual on Earth.”

Drop In Donut —

For twin siblings and co-owners of Drop In Donut, Jeremy and Heidi Wall, some of their sweetest childhood memories center around donuts. “Our background is Portuguese, so at Christmas, we’d make traditional donuts, malasadas, with our family. Our dad was a dentist, so we didn’t have a lot of sweets around growing up. When he’d take us for a donut or a maple bar at our local bakery, it was really a special treat,” says Jeremy. “Our father really loved donuts, it’s something he shared with us. We

The Required: New York City in

A definitive guide to New York's tried and trues, as chosen by over 5000+ of the nation's top chefs, sommeliers, bartenders, and other food and beverage pros.

There are a lot of "best lists."

And yes, we'll admit it, this list is one of them, but we can promise you this: the picks weren't made by a singularly minded critic, or by write-in votes from well-meaning foodies. Instead, The Required is comprised of the stand-out restaurants that have garnered the all-time most recommendations from ou

The Required: Las Vegas in

The Story: Ever since Chef Andy Ricker backpacked through Thailand in 1987, he has made it his life’s work to study and celebrate the regional cuisine of Thailand and its surrounding countries. What started as a wing shop in Portland OR, has since become a select national franchise, with this particular outpost at The Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas.

What to Eat: Our Experts say that Pok Pok’s OG dish, Ike’s Wings hits all the requisite spots for Asian comfort food. “Sticky, spicy, sweet, salty, garl

The Required: San Diego in

The Story: Located in San Diego’s Marina District, The Lion’s Share has received critical and popular accolades for serving some of the finest bar food in the U.S., without taking themselves too seriously. A carnivore’s wonderland, their menu is built around exotic meats.

What to Eat: Our Experts recommend the Bison Carpaccio, Camel Tacos, or the Elk Loin with Wild Boar Bacon. While not a first choice for vegetarians, the appetizer portion of The Lion’s Share’s menu is decidedly veggie forward.

The Required: Austin

You may already recognize Expert Tyson Cole’s name and recommendations from ChefsFeed, as he is a talented Austin Chef whom we admire. His contemporary take on Japanese food has lead to the major success of his restaurants Uchi and Uchiko. The OG location, Uchi, has been hailed as one of the best sushi restaurants in the US. Our experts say the Hama with Ponzu and Thai Chili and the Wagyu Carpaccio with Fried Jalapeño and Cured Egg Yolk are iconic dishes that are not to be missed. Up the bouleva

The Required: Seattle

A definitive guide to Seattle's tried and trues, as chosen by over 5000+ of the nation's top chefs, sommeliers, bartenders, & other food and beverage pros.

Hello, Seattle. Welcome to The Required club.

If you're not following along at home, this is our experts' version of a "best list." Our Required guides are comprised of the stand-out restaurants that have garnered the all-time most recommendations from our expert community. That's 5000+ all-star chefs, sommeliers, bartenders, and more–no bl

The Required: Portland in

Chef Gregory Gourdet is known for his wide range of Pan Asian cuisine. The Pekinese style whole 'Departure Duck'–which is cured in Five-Spice, blanched in honey and Chinese wine, then hung to air cure–is only available during the December Holidays, but it is so delicious we’d be willing to brave PDX in the dead of winter just to get a taste. The vegan menu pays such close attention to quality produce and lovely spices that even our most carnivorous experts rave about the Charred Carrots with Roa

The Required: Los Angeles

A definitive guide to Los Angeles' tried and trues, as chosen by over 5000+ of the nation's top chefs, sommeliers, bartenders, & other food and beverage pros.

There are a lot of "musts" in this world.

And yes, we'll admit it, this list is absolutely littered with them, but we can promise you this: they weren't appointed by a lone critic, or by write-in votes from well-meaning foodies. Instead, is comprised of the stand-out restaurants that have garnered the all-time most recommendations from c

The Required: Chicago in

A definitive guide to Chicago's tried and trues, as chosen by over 5000+ of the nation's top chefs, sommeliers, bartenders, other food and beverage pros.

Chicago houses some of the best restaurants in the world, so it's overdue for an edition of The Required, our guide to the best restaurants chosen by our expert community. That's 5000+ food and beverage pros weighing in on to take you to their favorite spots.

Read on to plan your next trip—or just be sure you've checked all the best boxes on

Professional Biographies: Kiersten Hanna Graphic Design

Bojh Parker is a dedicated and disciplined artist who works across the mediums of video, photography, painting and graphic design. In house at Braggadoon, he assists artists with capturing their original works, and creates digital files suitable for fine art reproduction. His print making skills are impeccable, employing the intuition and creative processes necessary to bring a client’s vision to life. Mr. Parker’s willingness to take risks in the service of art has lead him to daring places in

Working Overtime

Over time, they amassed a cult following. Their delicious concoctions like Jasmine Green Tea Ale and D&D’s Drinkin’ Beer (a session pilsner Simons had made to sip on while making higher ABV% brews like Amarillo IPA) started showing up at backyard barbecues, community fundraisers, and small weddings. Simons and Justice each come from working class backgrounds in a town whose workers have faced many challenges in the past twenty years, such as the closure of the lumber mill and the decline of fish

Growing Gratitude at Fortunate Farm in Caspar

Gowan Batist, 28, founder and co-proprietor of Fortunate Farm, knows that a farm lives or dies by its sustainability. She constantly has to weigh her tenderness for all living creatures against the pragmatism required to be a successful farmer. Even the farm kitties who stalk each other playfully beneath an avocado tree, earn their keep: they are fierce mousers, protecting the livestock feed. Every aspect of the farm must work toward the sustainability and symbiosis of the whole because Batist i

The Peg House in Leggett Has It All

While travelling, it’s best to remain open to signs. Remember, the journey is the destination. Speed limits or skittish looking deer about to cross the road may actually be fate’s way of telling you to slow your roll and take a break. If, while traversing the redwood corridor on the 101 just north of Leggett, you read a sign that says “The Peg House,” whose motto is “Never Don’t Stop,” you best never not stop (the phrase was coined by current owners Diana Ballard-Doll and Gary Ballard). As teens

Wild Fish: Restaurant

In a leap of faith, they packed everything up and moved from the U.K. to the Mendocino Coast, without the safety net of deep pockets or outside investors. “Kelvin’s favorite memories were of his time spent on holiday in California, and I am a U.S. citizen,” explains Liz. “We didn’t have much money to do research in person, but we did have Google.”

One day after months of searching for the right spot, they stumbled across the petite restaurant with a million-dollar ocean view that would become W

Verdant: A Spring Cocktail by The Golden West Saloon in Fort Bragg

The Golden West Saloon has been in operation as a bar (additionally at different points a brothel and a boarding house) for over 125 years. In 2015, hometown sweethearts Jessica Morsell-Haye and Mikael Haye, in partnership with their dear friend Matthew Barnard, bought the place, fulfilling a dream at least ten years in the making. With the help of their friends, they lovingly restored the Golden West, retaining most of its old timey charm while building one of the greatest selections of small b


Owners S.A. Ephraim and Ruth Rosenbaum bought Frankie’s Ice Cream Parlor in 2007, when their son Yoel was still a toddler. Deeply passionate about community activism, sustainability, and great food, the couple established their business practices based on the kind of world they want everyone’s children to inherit. They live by this ethical truth: What is best for the Earth is what’s best for us all.

The family of humankind is diverse, but if there is one nearly universal truth people can agree

Review: Uncle Vanya

For the last few weeks, among the rose bushes and Rhododendrons at the Botanical Gardens in Fort Bragg, a tan circus tent has stood. You might expect to find within its walls, given the tent’s location and the time of year, a wedding party or a plant nursery. However, if you traverse the path, pull back the flap and walk through, you will find yourself in what appears to be a Russian home at the turn of the 20th century. There is a kitchen table with fruit and cheese, a bottle of vodka. Multi-co
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